2013 Custom Made Dolly (BYLAND FABRICATION)

Very low usage since purchased new in 2013.

$15,000 exGST

40ft Flat Bed Bogey Trailer with enclosed front

$15,000 exGST

2009 Isuzu NPR 300 Automatic

Very Good Condition 145000 km's

$20,000.00 ex GST with Rack

$17,500.00 ex GST without Rack


2009 Bottero TechnoRev Glass CNC

Very Low Hours since installed new

3 Axis

Bed size 2300 x 3900

Standard tooling supplied, Drills, Mills, Bobbins

Bevelling tooling

$75000 ex GST

2010 FOM Dali 40 Aluminium CNC

Low Hours

$75,000 exGST